So here's my big secret: I’m 50. People are always surprised by my age. I’m 49 in this picture and it isn’t Photoshopped with plastic. No makeup, surgery or Botox. People constantly ask me how I do it, so I thought I'd finally share my personal wellness tips.

Besides genetics, I do eat well and exercise 2x/wk, but a lot of people do that. The biggest lifestyle difference I see is in the home, self-care & supplements I’ve been using over the past 17 years. The best part is, they cost the same or less than the regular store. Here are the highlights of the ones I believe have made the biggest difference in slowing my aging...

(see below for how to get)

Safe Supplements That Work

Major US studies found that multi-vitamins are not only useless, they actually cause damage. But there are huge proven benefits if you can absorb them safely. I only know one company who delivers that with multiple independent studies to verify, and published in medical journals. The effects are proven to slow aging. As a demo, the CEO recently broke 5 world records in 4 weeks in indoor rowing at the age of 70, which means a guy with a desk-job career did some training and beat world class athletes who were rowing their entire lives, demonstrating that his body & muscles did not degrade the way others had at his age, due to the supplements he's been taking. I've used them for 17 years and I believe it's made a significant difference in slowing the rate I've aged. And a big bonus is they don't cost more than store-bought ones, with a money-back guarantee if you don't feel the difference in 90 days. More info at Oligo tech and PeakPerformancePack.

Access Bar

This triggers your body to access & use its fat stores as soon as you start your workout, instead of after the usual 30 min cardio -most people don't even exercise longer than that. Used by Olympic athletes, it also inhibits lactic acid so you can do more reps and go further. Inexpensive, all natural, and works (see how).

Non-Toxic Home

Using regular home & laundry cleaners turns your home environment toxic. A recent study showed that using household cleaners once a week was as damaging to respiratory health as smoking a pack of cigarettes per day. And the WHO reports 45,000+ child deaths in 2004 from home poisonings. The 100% safe line I use, works better than the toxic ones and is also way cheaper: SaferForYourHome - I highly recommending doing the complete Home Conversion Pack and throwing out your toxic stock. Better for you, your family, and the environment.

Gut Health

I gained a great appreciation for this when my system crashed near the end of my masters. It's become a hot topic since they found gut health affects everything from mood to cancer, and 80% of the immune system. You should research what builds and damages the gut, but maintaining or rebuilding often needs help. People reach for probiotics but not all deliver, so I take this one -a capsule guarantees 1000x more active cultures than a leading brand. I notice a real difference when I cycle a bottle.


Skin Care

And of course everyone asks what skin care I use. It’s from the same online store: premium products at modest prices. The R3 Age-Defying Crème performs a little miracle each time I use it. I haven’t tried their high-end Luxury line but I imagine it's amazing.

These have had great impact on my age health. I get them and a lot of other premium items at great prices direct from manufacturer, now the largest online wellness shopping club in North America. It’s by invite only so contact me here for more info and access to membership with $100 credits. It's simply a better way to shop.

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